Hello Reddthat,

Similar to other Lemmy instances, we’re facing significant amounts of spam originating from kbin.social users, mostly in kbin.social communities, or as kbin calls them, magazines.
Unfortunately, there are currently significant issues with the moderation of this spam. While removal of spam in communities on other Lemmy instances (usually) federates to us and cleans it up, removal of spam in kbin magazines, such as those on kbin.social, is not currently properly federated to Lemmy instances.

In the last couple days, we’ve received an increased number of reports of spam in kbin.social magazines, of which a good chunk had already been removed on kbin.social, but these removals never federated to us.
While these reports are typically handled in a timely manner by our Reddthat Admin Team, as reports are also sent to the reporter’s instance admins, we’ve done a more in-depth review of content in these kbin.social magazines.
Just today, we’ve banned and removed content from more than 50 kbin.social users, who had posted spam to kbin.social magazines within the last month.

Several other larger Lemmy instances, such as lemmy.world, lemmy.zip, and programming.dev have already decided to remove selected kbin.social magazines from their instances to deal with this.

As we also don’t want to exclude interactions with other kbin users, we decided to only remove selected kbin.social magazines from Reddthat, with the intention to restore them once federation works properly.
By only removing communities with elevated spam volumes, this will not affect interactions between Lemmy users and kbin users outside of kbin magazines. kbin users are still able to participate in Reddthat and other Lemmy communities.

For now, the following kbin magazines have been removed from Reddthat:

To get an idea of the spam to legitimate content ratio, here’s some screenshots of posts sorted by New:


Screenshot of posts in !fediverse@kbin.social sorted by New


Screenshot of posts in !opensource@kbin.social sorted by New

All the removed by mod posts mean that the content was removed by Reddthat admins, as the removals on kbin.social did not find their way to us.

If you encounter spam, please keep reporting it, so community mods and we admins can keep Reddthat clean.

If you’re interested in the technical parts, you can find the associated kbin issue on Codeberg.

example and the Reddthat Admin Team


Due to spam and technical issues with the federation of spam removal from kbin, we’ve decided to remove selected kbin.social magazines (communities) until the situation improves.