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  • Thank you for articulating your thoughts. I always enjoy hearing the views of our users! I too will be looking at how this progresses. The more people we can migrate to the fediverse the better!

    Though I can’t recommend getting a LW account 😛, purely because I want everyone on Reddthat. I think if you want to investigate Threads/etc, a mastodon type account would be the best course of action. As following single accounts on Lemmy is… non existent (I don’t count RSS feeds).

  • The way we “force federation” is to tell reddthat to “resolve” the comment/post via the API. It’s a roundabout way to force all of the content to still appear.

    It’s interesting that it doesn’t trigger notifications but I’m not surprised it doesn’t and when you think about it makes some sort of sense.

    The 5-7 day delay is when the actual comment/post is federated from LW as the “time behind” value is 6.3 days currently (and coming down).

    I’m reaching out to one of the other admins who apparently wrote their own federation queue. That means we could return a 200 OK response instantly for everything and work on the queue on our own time.
    There is still not that much movement on the dev side as it’s a complex problem and the devs don’t seem to want to develop something like a queue currently. Which I understand as it would be a completely new system and would need lots of testing…

    On-top of that, every “jump” in backlog results from some abusive kbin bugs. Kbin has some users who send a like and an unlike constantly. In the order of 50k requests in an hour. They like and unlike a post on LW. LW then has to federate ever like and unlike activity. Which ends up being 50k Activites that need to be sent per-server. So it makes federation lag for everyone.

    So we’ve managed to catch-up a bit each day and then some kbin bug causes an issue and then we are now +1 extra day behind.

    Hearing about the lack of notifications is disheartening. Is it so hard for a system to have some sort of quorum? :(

    Hopefully we get something sorted in the next week or two… Otherwise I might block every vote coming in until we catch-up. (As votes account for over 90% of activities).


  • Bah! I forgot to let everyone know.

    Since we updated to the beta version of Lemmy 3 days ago, it seems it’s broken.

    I’ve already left Bug reports on Jerboa and Lemmy for the immediate issues. If we hadn’t found this out every Jerboa user would be in the same position.

    Unfortunately the issue came about because I used the latest Lemmy build to get the metadata patch and test it out. Unfortunately there were database migrations I missed so we are just going to roll with it.

    1. Nutomic is adding back public_key in a patch, once that is back in I’ll rebuild our container and jerboa will be back working
    2. Eternity is a good alternative for an android app (which is what I mainly use).

    I’m thinking it will be sorted by tomorrow? Hopefully. Otherwise I’ll make the code change myself and rebuild.

    Sorry for the issue & headache. I only saw the issue in the last 24h-ish as I only have jerboa for the occasional testing.


  • That’s a big decision I won’t make without community input as it would affect all of us.

    If we purely treated it as just another instance with no history then I believe our stance on it would be to allow them, as we are an allow-first type of instance. While there are plenty of people we might not want to interact with, that doesn’t mean we should immediately hit that defederate button.

    When taking history into account it becomes a whole different story. One may lean towards just saying no without thought.

    All of our content (Lemmy/Fediverse) is public by default (at the present time) searchable by anyone and even if I were to block all of the robots and crawlers it wouldn’t stop anyone from crawling one of the many other sites where all of that content is shared.

    A recent feature being worked on is the private/local only communities. If a new Lemmy instance was created and they only used their local only communities, would we enact the same open first policy when their communities are closed for us to use? Or would we still allow them because they can still interact, view comments, vote and generate content for our communities etc?

    What if someone created instances purely for profit? They create an instance corner stone piece of the “market” and then run ads? Or made their instance a subscription only instance where you have to pay per month for access?

    What if there are instances right now federating with us and will use the comments and posts you make to create a shit-posting-post or to enhance their classification AI? (Obviously I would be personally annoyed, but we can’t stop them)

    An analogy of what threads is would be to say threads is a local only fediverse instance like mastodon, with a block on replies. It restricts federation to their users in USA, Canada and Japan and Users cannot see when you comment/reply to their posts and will only see votes. They cannot see your posts either and only allow other fediverse users to follow threads users.

    With all of that in mind if we were to continue with our open policy, you would be able to follow threads users and get information from them, but any comments would stay local to the instance that comments on the post (and wouldn’t make it back to threads).

    While writing up to this point I was going to stay impartial… But I think the lack of two way communication is what tips the scales towards our next instance block. It might be a worthwhile for keeping up-to-date with people who are on threads who don’t understand what the fediverse is. But still enabled the feature because it gives their content a “wider reach” so to speak. But in the context of Reddthat and people expressing views and opinions, having one sided communication doesn’t match with what we are trying to achieve here.



    PS: As we have started the discussion I’ll leave what I’ve said for the next week to allow everyone to reply and see what the rest of the community thinks before acting/ blocking them.

    Edit1:(30/Mar) PPS: we are currently not federated with them, as no one has bothered to initiate following a threads account