You should know about these sites, especially for this upcoming election season, because they are referential and nonpartisan. Each website has a line about the content.


ProPublica’s Represent—Find your legislators and the legislative work they’re undertaking on your behalf

Fast Democracy—Find legislation in all 50 states, but we’ll probably focus on legislation in our state

Ballotpedia’s Ballot Lookup Tool—Know how you’re going to vote before you go!

Government Sites—Information specific to both the House of Representatives and Senate.—Federal agencies need your comments on their proposed rules.

Federal Register— Everyday, the government compiles a publication of proposed rules, notices of Federal agencies, executive orders and various other things. You can find it all here!

USA—Investigate how your tax dollars are being spent!

Federal Election Commission—Wonder who is giving how much to a particular candidate during an election? Find it here.

Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)—Not technically a government website. Has all the important economic indicators.


Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy—An excellent resource about philosophy. You can dive into a comprehensive overview of logic, democracy, or whatever philosophy you can think of!.

Oxford Research Encyclopedia—A general encyclopedia

Britannica—Another general encyclopedia

    4 months ago

    I’m going to toss in:, the site was established and is run by the League of Women Voters, an organization that has worked for over a century in registering voters, providing voter information, and advocating for voting rights. They provide information about the candidates and their stances on different issues. A candidate may choose not the provide answers to their standardized questions, but then I would question what the candidate is trying to hide.

    ISideWith: answer a bunch of multiple-choice questions about your values, goals and opinions, and they’ll tell you how well each candidate ‘matches’ your opinions. There are often additional questions if you’d like to refine your stance beyond the original options given.