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  • for me, reddit nearly always has way more quality content and news for me though for the time being

    It’s not just you.

    As constructively as I can put this, reddit has been building community and goodwill for many years. Lemmy has only recently become an option and it’s done wonderfully in the short time it’s had.

    The challenge is the catch 22. People go where there is more content, they produce content there, and then there is more content there. There no vacuum, reddit didn’t disappear. It became toxic and people apparently care less about avoiding toxicity than filling up on dank memes.

    All I can say to that is we all need to be the change we want to see in the world. Adopt a Lemmy First mentality, and go to reddit only to pick up legacy slack. Continue the conversation from there over here. Link it up.

  • I would not be surprised to learn that you could make as much profit open sourcing the work and using Patreon instead of demanding users pay to release the shackles.

    Do it your way. I will probably pay you when you come out with a widget. But I would have done that anyway. Shoving ads in my face makes me not like you.

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    19 months ago

    I’d like to hear how you do minis on fdm. I’m planning pressing resin into service for that and a couple other things, but if you have a good workflow for minis on fdm, I have friends who want them and fdm can do it way way faster than resin at the trade off resolution.

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    9 months ago

    Not so much a move as an addition. And there are a few reasons.

    One, I like projects where the outcome is a useful tool, but the project aspect itself is a significant part of my motivation.

    The reason for the Voron being that project is that it will be a WAY faster and more competent tool than my ender, which was a prohibitive limitation especially for larger prints. A failure at hour 23 of a 24 hour print sucks, but the same print failing at hour 3:45 of 4 hours is way easier to accept. At that point the loss of filament matters more than the lost time in my eyes.

    Also Voron2 has a much better design than ender 3 pro for exotic filaments, making ABS / ASA / nylon more approachable. Better tuning options, compensation (lower / less moving mass), bigger plate, taller build volume.

    The bigger plate is significant for things like ergo mechanical keyboard chassis. I’m a Dactyl Manuform user and builder, and the ender 3 pro can only print one half at a time and takes more than a full day each half. Voron should be able to knock out two halves at once inside of a work day, and do so with better quality to boot.

    The ender still has a place, particularly with the mods I have on it. Specifically, TPU can’t benefit from the speed of Voron, so there’s no reason not to print it on ender. Also it never hurts to have a tuned, working machine if you have to take one offline for maintenance.

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    59 months ago

    I’m 100% retro and linux gaming, but I don’t need to force my kids down the road I’m on. I just share what I love and hope they choose it for themselves so we have common interests. So far, surprisingly, they both love NES / SNES and that’s thanks to Nintendo developing the same franchises for decades, for better or worse.

    I don’t really game on the go other than mindless android games. If I did, steam deck makes way more sense. For the kids I keep thinking Switch mainly because they already love the Wii, and all their friends have Switches, so it’s a social vocabulary thing.

    Surely you’re right about the satisfaction part. I need to make sure the kids are part of it, maybe choosing models and building, painting, etc with me. They are pretty young but once they get a little better spatial awareness and reading skills, python and freecad are not out of the question! They play minecraft already, so we’re off to a good start I think.

  • First, let’s consider that up until fairly recently in human society, writing has been the domain of the wealthy and not entirely accessible to everyone. The rich could write whatever they want or patronize those who could write what they wanted for them. The rarity - relative to the greatest developments of proliferation being chiefly the printing press and recently the internet - of written works, demanded that anything someone bothered to put into physical written form must have considerable innate value to someone. If they didn’t, nobody would have bothered with the effort or expense.

    I no longer have access to the reference for a citation and am having trouble digging it up, but I saw (probably on a blog about AI) some figures recently describing the amount of written “material” produced by humanity on a daily basis (or some other comically short time) in 2023 being comparable to the amount produced in the ~five thousand preceding years since the written word is thought to have been invented.

    With as much “writing” being produced, most of it being spam or low-effort shitposting, the signal to noise ratio is unbelievably high. Regardless of the profundity of the thought being born and described, the chance of having anything written today - randomly on the internet - recognized for its quality is infinitesimally small.

    I believe that there IS a fantastic amount of truly remarkable writing being done every day all over the internet. Nearly all of it will be retained on some form of media basically forever, even until the media is woefully obsolete / destroyed / the heat death of the universe. Most of it will never be set upon by human eyes again after this weekend.

    Today, like hundreds of years ago, what rises to the surface does so due to commercial pressures. If you are awesome and impress a publisher with deep pockets, your words could be preserved in a form that will be read in 2434. Of course, it will have to continue to be impressive long after most of the books selected by Oprah’s Book Club.

  • Again I find myself agreeing with you 100%, so I’m not really sure what the disconnect is here. Maybe you’re finding something in the subtext of the article that I’m too stupid or ignorant to see. I don’t know the politics of the author - I still don’t - and honestly I found the content pretty innocuous and unrevealing, but if it leads to discourse, that’s the point I guess.