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  • Not exactly sure what you’re arguing about the six-day war, but if you mean that it should be an unjustified invasion instead of “pre-emptive”… My first impression of “pre-emptive” is unjustified and at best marginally better than an invasion, and the UN seems to agree in Article 2 (4) of the UN charter. That “entirely different page” is also summarized in the six-day war–page’s “Controversies” section, but I assume you’re talking about the lede. “On 5 June 1967, as the UNEF was in the process of leaving the zone, Israel launched a series of preemptive airstrikes against Egyptian airfields and other facilities, launching its war effort.[28] Egyptian forces were caught by surprise, and nearly all of Egypt’s military aerial assets were destroyed, giving Israel air supremacy” does not give me an impression that Egypt planned to invade.

    The ADL is one of the biggest Zionist slander lobbies that call any criticism of israel “anti-Semitic”.

    Even if that were true, “there is consensus that the labelling of organisations and individuals by the ADL (particularly as antisemitic) should be attributed.” That converts it into an opinion. Nowhere have you demonstrated that the ADL has a track record of falsifying facts, not opinions such as labeling people.