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Ground Rules

We are a NSFW enabled instance, which means there may be NSFW content in the Local and All categories if you leave NSFW enabled in your account. If you do not wish to view NSFW content you are still welcome here but make sure you toggle off Show NSFW content under your Settings

Another option is to select “Block Community” from the sidebar, when on the specific community. Once you have done that you will never see it again!

Our Instance Rules

  • General Code of Conduct
  • Any NSFW post must be tagged as NSFW. Failure to do so will be given one warning only
    • Anything that you wouldn’t want your boss or coworkers to see, needs to be tagged NSFW
    • NSFW also acts as “Content Warning” outside of the specific NSFW communities
  • Remember the human! (no harassment, threats, etc.)
  • No racism or other discrimination
  • No endorsement of hate speech
  • No self-advertisements or spam
  • No link-spamming
    • Recommended 5 links per community per day unless noted in Community Rules
  • No content against Australian Law

Any posts or comments that are in breach of these rules will be dealt with, and remediation will occur. Whether that be a warning, temporary ban, or permanent ban.

(TLDR) The crux of it boils down to:

  • Remember that we are all humans
  • Don’t be overtly aggressive towards anyone
  • Try and share ideas, thoughts and criticisms in a constructive way
  • Tag any NSFW posts as such


We agree with the Code of Conduct for Moderation and will due our best to uphold it.

Lemmy provides the Moderation Log for everyone to see as well. This is a federated log where actions taken by other moderators and other instance admins are shown. As such the posts that exist in the log come with a content warning

You can see the modlog in the bottom of the sidebar. Here is the link if you wish to see it.


As both links above reference a domain outside of our control (join-lemmy). Here is the git commit and the wayback link:


If you take issue with these rules, or think a rule should be modified, please add a comment on this post with answers to the following as well as any extra information you can think of:

  • What rule would you like to change?
  • Why you would like to change it?
  • What are the benefits to this rule change?
  • Have there been any issues and can you reference them?

Thank you for your continued support.

  • Tiff

Transparency log:

2023-08-19 - Changed Maximum Links posted in community from 2 to 5 per day.
2023-06-13 - Added "Ground Rules" section, Added Feedback section, `Instance Rules` -> `Our Instance Rules`.  
2023-06-11 - Post Creation
    9 months ago

    Hi, I’m from /r/LoLFanArt, which soft-migrated to @LoLFanArt back when reddit imploded.

    Sadly the admin of (which is a kbin instance) has announced that it’s shutting down next month. It may or may not return as a lemmy instance afterwards, so I’m evaluating other instances as possible migration options and had a question about Reddthat’s NSFW rules.

    LoLFanArt has historically used official League of Legends art as a guideline for what’s okay to be posted in terms of how revealing or sexualised the art can be, allowing artists one or two steps more liberty in their depictions than official art. So no porn, but we do allow e.g.,

    • Art of the “pool party” skins (bikinis, topless guys, etc). (example)
    • Art of champions that already have quite a revealing “official” appearance without assistance from fanartists (example)

    Consequently, we’ve typically allowed anything that’s only as equivalently revealing as official art to not require a NSFW tag (though some users do voluntarily use it for these posts anyway), as users in the community will know what to expect if a post is titled “Pool Party Ahri”, for example. Anything which pushes things farther than official art is then where the NSFW tag is required, whether that’s with more-revealing-than-official-art clothing, too much gore, etc. (example of fanart that is more revealing / sexualised than official art)

    If we migrate to a new instance I’d like it to be somewhere that these existing conventions can remain: where art that’s only “official level” revealing / sexualised (as per the game’s “T” rating) is okay to not be NSFW-tagged - but more than that would need to be tagged. Do you feel that this would fit within this instance’s NSFW tag requirements?

    • TiffOPMA
      9 months ago

      Hi there!

      Thankyou for asking! As long as people understand those rules I have no issue with that. You have a solid definition of what is and isn’t allowed. The downside / issues will not be with reddthat users but will be with the larger fediverse and the associated reports of people who believe that the regular content has their version of NSFW.

      We also don’t want to be responsible for those reports, unfortunately we as admins get all reports for reddthat content, and we have been actioning them, unwittingly realising that once we action them they no longer show up to moderators.

      A small anecdote, NSFW tag edits, as in you accidentally post something that is NSFW and forget to mark it as NSFW and then edit it. That edit doesn’t federate so you will get more reports which may not make sense.

      So in conclusion I believe as long as people tag their posts appropriatly your community will be welcome!

      I look forward to more reddthat users and content!


        9 months ago

        Hah, well Fedia just had an adventure and the shutdown has been retracted so it looks like we don’t have to uproot just yet.

        Nonetheless, thank you for the clarification - I especially didn’t know that NSFW tagging after-the-fact doesn’t federate! Given that deletions federate, for posts like that, I imagine it might be better to remove and resubmit to reduce headaches for other instances.

        Anyway, I’ll keep Reddthat on the list of instance migration options should the list ever be needed in future. All the best! _