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We created Reddthat for the purposes of creating a community, that can be run by the community. We did not want it to be something that is moderated, administered and funded by 1 or 2 people.

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In one of very first posts titled “Welcome one and all” we talked about what our short term and long term goals are.
In 7 days since starting, we have already federated with over 700 difference instances, have 24 different communities and over 250 users that have contributed over 550 comments. So I think we’ve definitely achieved our short term goals, and I thought this was going to take closer to 3 months to get these types of numbers!

We would like to first off thank everyone for being here, subscribing to our communities and calling Reddthat home!

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From now on we will be using the following services.

Current Plans:


The database service is another story. The database has grown to 1.8GB (on the file system) in the last 7 days. Some quick math, makes that 94GB in 1 year’s time. Our current host allows us to addon 100GB of SSD storage for $100/year, which is very viable and will allow us to keep costs down, while planning for our future.

Annual Costings:

Our current costs are

  • Domain: 15 Euro (~$25 AUD)
  • Server: $897.60 Usd (~$1365 AUD)
  • EU Server: 39 Euro (~$64 AUD)
  • Wasabi Object Storage: $72 Usd (~$111 AUD)
  • Total: ~1565 AUD per year (~$130.42/month)

That’s our goal. That is the number we need to achieve in funding to keep us going for another year.


PS. Thank you to our donators! Your names will forever be remembered by me: Last updated on 2024-05-03

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    1 year ago

    Thank you so much!

    I’ve got some short term plans in getting an RSS & post bot working which should help with some extra content, but just sharing content, upvoting and being a part of the community is probably the best way to help make it feel like home