So. You used to reddit, now you’ve reddthat.


Please feel free to explore some of our communities, and make sure you explore other instances communities as well!

We are community funded via OpenCollective & Liberapay currently.

Short-term Goals: (3-6m)

  • Gather some like minded people to have fun with and share intellectual posts, and silly memes
  • Federate with as many of the great communities as we can

Long-term Goals: (6-12m)

  • Make progress to 50 or 100% funding goal
  • Create a new skin to make reddthat unique
  • Integrate a “Supporter” badge for all supporters

For anyone joining up to this instance <3 For anyone federating with this instance <3 Together we can make a great community, run by the community, for our community.

  • TiffOPMA
    36 months ago

    Hi everyone! A little micro-update.

    We’ve gone from 400 requests per hour to over 2000 requests per hour in the last 24 hours!

    Last 24 Hours Graph of requests showing a rise of 400 requests to over 2000 requests

    We’ve also broken past the 20 users mark! Thankyou all for choosing to be a part of our little community.

    Make sure you when you click on the Communities tab you checkout the All section to see all the instances we have federated against.

    If you are looking at where all the posts are and why it’s no where the size of other “link-front-pages” checkout the Getting Started documentation about how to follow communities.

    You are always welcome to create your own community as well! Because that is the power of the fediverse.

    Again, thanks to everyone for being here so far, and here’s to even more people joining and becoming part of the #reddthat community.



    • TiffOPMA
      66 months ago

      Already 30 people and growing on this instance alone! Shout out to everyone who decided to come here, and thank you all for joining!

      Remember to familiarize yourself with the #rules, and respect the humans!