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  • From the image … I’m not sure that’s such a great predictor. Over all of the time from the debate it seems like the “market” was leaning “yes” for most of the time, until about the time basically all of the mainstream media was pretty certain it was going to happen (where it seemed pretty clear that plenty of leaks were occurring).

    I mean maybe this reflects the actual reality and it was in the air this much … but either way I don’t think this “market” knew more than the mainstream media was telling us.

  • well the central site of the web ring could be searched for any particular page that’s part of the ring, and that search could be surfaced on any page that’s part of the ring.

    The full set of pages could be decentralised and cached across all members for robustness, and even include each page’s own description and recommendations for every other page if they like.

    And then, of course … rings of webrings with as many levels of aggregation as people are interested in maintaining, again with decentralised caches of pages, their links and descriptions (all human curated of course) that can all be searched whenever a member page or aggregating page opts into it.

    Tech capabilities have advanced since the 90s enough now that basic text search in a web page over a small data set is not hard or too much to ask.

    And nested rings of rings of rings are scalable because at each level the data will just be links (and descriptions or names if available) while it would be on the user to navigate the various layers however they wish until they find something they’re interested in.

  • It was never broke, why fix it?

    Totally fair! I don’t claim to know what I’m talking about! I’m just riffing on what I suspect would work for me, but also motivated by what I feel is a relatively urgent need to create some robust and diverse human curation of the internet. So in a way I’m not really interested in remaking web rings, but more coming from the perspective of what else can be done with the same general idea along side webrings.

  • That seems interesting!

    In the end, I’m wondering if all the pieces are here on something like the fediverse but just need to be connected. I haven’t thought about this at all until now (so I’m just riffing here) … but the essence of such a system seems to me:

    1. Recommendations are human curated
    2. Recommendations come from a single human (or well defined collective)
    3. Reccommendations are organised in a navigable structure

    Point 3 seems to be the unclear part. A “ring” is obviously a bunch of connections (not unlike a linked list). But other structures probably have a lot to provide here, especially if they’re amenable to some basic search facility.

  • The idea comes up again and again on the fediverse. It feels ripe for some app/platform to kinda nail it.

    I’m not sure this is it or even something that does exactly the old web ring thing. I think a simple enough system for the human curation of web pages in a standardised way that can easily be consumed and aggregated would go a long way though. The fediverse feels like its close to something.

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    Ok … I didn’t know this meme (too old and/or out of the loop I suppose) … so out of annoyance I looked it up …

    … and yea … as far as trolling is concerned gotta pay the game here … not sure it was worth 15 mins of my life but … kudos I guess

  • Oh I’m aware. It’s a dumb thing to be critical of for sure. And my bet would be that originates from her attempt to be more politically amicable while her inner personality is probably a bit more “aggressive” or blunt. And of course she’s navigating the misogynistic politics that force women to find some nearly impossible balance between “being nice” and “appearing competent and strong” at the same time.

    All that being said, that laugh was odd and I couldn’t help wonder what it was about … as you imply, it may have just been a gesture of some kind in this political persona she’s deploying.

  • So wait … that laugh she has after saying “… coconut tree” … is that her laughing at a joke her mum was making that she and her siblings and fellow younger people are coconuts?

    Otherwise, her mum was Southern Indian (Chennai, Tamil Nadu IIRC), and I’d bet coconut trees and phrases about them are pretty common in Southern India and she just has humorous recollections about her mum’s coconut tree phrases (I would if I was raised western with an Indian mum … the word “coconut” probably emphasises the indian accent quite well).

  • The problem with Furiosa on that front is that so many of the cast appear in Fury Road that there is little jeopardy, as you can tell if a character lives of dies as soon as they appear and thr script did nothing to subvert that.

    Yep! Easily the weakest aspect of the film. I was actually surprised at just how much of the film’s setting and characters overlapped with Fury Road and how poorly it was done or managed. And I liked the film. Immortan Joe, for instance, was a let down of a portrayal compared to Fury Road while Dementus never hit the same heights as Immortan did in Fury Road.

    While liking the film and being happy to have seen it … my final critical take was affirmed watching the credits which are full of snippets from Fury Road … I’m betting that the whole production of the film was too self conscious about being in Fury Road’s shadow and that being set right in the same set and setting as Fury Road assured it’d haunt the film, as it did in its release and audiences’ response to the film. Shame really, a whole new story in that world could have slapped.

  • Yea, I think there’s likely something that objectively makes sense to the 4 day work week. If you want actual time off that feels like it’s yours … 3 days feels like a bit of a minimum … that middle day with a buffer either side feels like it’s untethered to the work-week, something that 2 day weekend does not give you at all.