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  • Hi. I’ve heard quite a few people do this but never managed to ask why. So, taking the opportunity to ask.

    What I mean is, if the large part of the phone is about the software experience and software optimisation (and the hardware in itself is nowhere near cutting edge) what’s the upside of installing a non-google OS on it?

    Perhaps I’ll try it someday. For today, just curious. If you could shed some light on it. Thank you!

  • I guess the concept of fediverse is what will end up confusing people more than ever. There’s a very good quick starter guide published on Lemmy that I found to be incredibly helpful. Including the clarification that content is accessible across servers but users cannot log in to other servers.

    I also think it will be crucial how the app ecosystem for Lemmy shapes up. Most people will just be using an app to access their communities and won’t care about the underlying fediverse structure.

    Here’s hoping for all the apps, which made Reddit what it is/was, to come to roost quickly for Lemmy!