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  • Cashiers checks aren’t risky. If the bank they deposit the check at doesn’t think it’s real, they could still deposit it with a check hold.

    After that you wait until either the check clears or it gets rejected, and that usually comes with a fee. So banks probably don’t mind the extra fee income

  • I rarely see anyone under 40 using checks anymore. It’s really an older generation thing and they’re stuck in their ways.

    They still get stressed out about manually balancing their checkbooks too. Even though it’s an obsolete skill now and the banks keep track of all of the transactions automatically for them

  • Credit unions would actually be impacted far more from this legislation than banks.

    They don’t have access to the same cash making options that large banks do, and credit unions are also non profit.

    If their fee income was reduced, they would have to make up for it in other areas, such as higher lending rates, which affects more people than overdraft fees.

    Personally, I’d rather deal with overdraft fees than have a higher rate for loans. If you learn to bank responsibly overdraft fees won’t be an issue anyway.