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  • Doctors tend to not take that oath any longer. Too much of what they do constitutes ‘doing harm’, seriously.

    “Some say that the oath is irrelevant in modern medical practice because it does not address ethical issues that are relevant today.”

    Editing to clear this up: I mean insurance companies stopping them from helping their patients and not giving them enough time to accurately diagnose their patients. Just to be clear I’m not talking about gender affirming care or abortion.

  • They are, vaguely. The situation is that two worlds from parallel timelines almost collided and we’re sealed into a bubble plane to keep the catastrophe contained.

    One party from each world is unraveling the how and why. At the center is a pair of liches - the same individual from each world - whose phylacteries are each other. If you dint defeat them both in the alloted time, the other lich rises again.

    None of the players know about the liches yet, but they do know their name, Zeitounessian.

  • I’m running multiple d&d games for both friends and family. My friends are currently playing The Curse of Strahd and loving it but it’s just by the book.

    My family just finished The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, which I had heavily modified and plan to release a boom detailing what I did and how it went. After that this group returns to my homebrew game, so…

    I need to revive a third game, also with friends, which is their heroes in the same homebrew world as I plan to bring the two groups together for a level 20 finale.

  • There were three women who were best friends, took their breaks together, etc. And in the Christmas season they wore matching knit sweaters and would walk down the hall side by side so it would read “Ho! Ho! Ho!”

    But one day when I was leaving the break room, they approached… and one was out sick. Before I could stop myself I asked “Where’s the other Ho?”

    Might’ve gotten a visit to HR from it if I hadn’t looked so shocked at myself.

  • I suppose it depends on why they don’t have security clearance. If it’s someone who could never qualify for it, that would need to be announced and explained.

    If it’s simply a candidate who doesn’t yet have it, that’s something that should be known for the same reasons. They don’t have all the information other candidates do, but are operating with the information they do have.