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  • Neat, I didn’t know you’d actually added sources and some some work here. Nothing makes me less interested in reading a comment than “I asked chat gpt and…”, I wish you’d led with you finding the sources and not with you using a chatbot lol. I’ll check the sources, thank you for doing that work. Seriously, I’ll appreciate having some reason to not hate voting for biden since he’s likely too much of an overconfident dinosaur to make way for a serious candidate

  • “let them retire”? Biden will never step down. Trump will never stop trying to be dictator. SCOTUS judges rule for life. Nobody with that level of power voluntarily retires. They need to be forced out of office. “let them retire” is the definition of passivity. Even if this is just about democrats, they’re no less power hungry than republicans. No Democrat in a position of power would voluntarily retire unless they got caught in a big enough scandal, and even then probably not

  • The fact it’s literally an official statement directly from the Virginia ACLU, on their own site, about the actions they took, is overshadowed by it being a “blog”, cool

    Edit Legit what’s the point of this comment? The ACLU defends fascist violence. They did it while trump was in office, they’re doing it now with literal neo-nazi terrorists, and they’ll do that all throughout trump’s next term as fuhrer until he has them all put in camps along with the actually vulnerable people they protect. ACLU is not your friend. They’ll just act like it while also defending the fascists trying to kill you. None of this is changed just bc this statement is in the form of a blog post.