In the past 24-48 hours we’ve done a lot of work as you may have noticed, but you might be wondering why there are posts and comments with 0 upvotes.

Normally this would be because it is from a mastodon-like fediverse instance, but for now it’s because of us and is on purpose.

Lemmy has an API where we can tell it to resolve content. This forces one of the most expensive parts of federation (for reddthat) , the resolving of post metadata, to no longer be blocking. So when new posts get federated we can answer quicker saying “we already know about that, tell us something we don’t know”!

This makes the current activity graphs not tell the whole story anymore as we are going out-of-band. So while the graphs say we are behind, in reality we are closer than ever (for posts and comments).

Shout out to the amazing who thought up this crazy idea.

Tldr, new posts are coming in hot and fast, and we are up-to-date with LW now for both posts and comments!

  • Blaze
    2 months ago

    Great, thank you for the update!