• @Facebones
    16 months ago

    Gotcha. I’ve always seen myself as a centrist, not particularly anti capitalist, just into safety nets and less car centric infrastructure.

    Nowadays I get called a commie for talking about public transit, I’m a commie for the work comment, list goes on. I don’t buy into your red scare bs guys, if that stuff makes me a commie then I’m a commie les fuckin gooooooo

    • @OurToothbrush@lemmy.ml
      6 months ago

      Ah, yeah, I used to be a social democrat too, but I did a lot of reading and I came to the conclusion that social democracy isn’t really politically sustainable without the threat of communism, and it really isn’t economically stable in the same way capitalism isn’t as laid out in Capital (which is a good read btw, very dense but worth reading for the economic analysis)

      Yeah anything gets you labeled a commie nowadays, McCarthyism is alive and well.