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  • People rsally need to drop this Insistence that progressive/leftist shit won’t win an election. Even with Trumpism as the alternative, dems can’t get a leg up because they think chasing trumpers further right will flip them - but trumpers are trump loyalists and even “normal” Republicans are all in. There’s no votes for dems there, but they’ve completely lost their potential base playing this game. Nobody votes because our options are corporate far right or corporate mid right.

    If Dems want to mobilize apathetic voters, bring the left vote in, AND flip some “traditional Republicans,” they need to run on those policies that are largely popular like M4A and run a candidate with a track record of fighting for more progressive shit that people dont think will drop it all on day 1 like every other dem.

    The problem is dems will take Trump over moving an inch to the left 10/10 times.

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    I think the big thing is to not demean the people who are calling for bigger measures. Plenty of us appreciate that gradual sustainable reform where life goes on and everyone keeps going to work then going home would be super cool, but dont think its possible. I don’t really see people get confronted for wanting to try reform, its when reform types tell more revolutionary folk that they’re “just as bad” for not wanting to roll over for something thats increasingly imminent.

    You seem like a fine, thoughtful person. Thats great, we need that. Just understand we also need people who are preparing for and discussing what comes next if reform doesn’t work.