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  • What the fuck? How privileged are you? Your so fucking caught up in whack dumbass pop “doomerism” that you think gang shit doesn’t go on… Your pathetic. Wake the fuck up and walk through a ghetto you pathetic piece of shit. I’ve almost been murdered literally… have you…? Have you? You piece of privileged piece of shit? I’ve had people shoot guns outside my house and threaten to kill my family and your pathetic ass wants to call it doomerism? Wake the fuck up and get smacked out of your precious privileged life.

    You never want to know what it’s like. Every day I think about killing myself because of the reality I’ve seen. And you want to call it doomerism… Jesus Christ America’s dead as fuck.

    Imagine someone threatening to kill your mom or dad or sister or brother… Ive fucking lived that. America’s fucked. And all because I came in contact with the wrong person randomly. I literally went to the police and they don’t care. I literally got laughed at. America is fucked to the core. You people are so pure and desensitized from holywood you think the reality of humanity is fake. It’s disgusting and pathetic. But let me guess you change your whack ass Facebook profile to support the latest cause… Piece of shit.

    Don’t think the underprivileged dont see you fake people pushing pop politics, you are seen, and you won’t be on the same team if a civil war comes along.

  • Literally can’t talk about because I get death threats because I made some bad people mad. And I know what they are capable of.

    All my social media is watched by them.

    Edit: I always get down votes for my real life experience posts. The world is fucked, you just shut out anything that goes against the privilege you were born into. Life is death war and chaos. You can either live for humanity or continue making rich criminals richer while you deny reality. I’ve seen people get other people murdered by cops on purpose. It’s real. This is America… There is zero hope.

  • I believe it. This place sucks. Criminals and assholes everywhere, at least in my life. People claw at you and fuck you over until your suicidal. I have no respect for America at all anymore. It feels like having to live with seeing your rapist everyday.

    That and nobody cares. I sent out goodbye texts to a lot of people in my life. Literally no one cares. I’ve had people try to push me to suicide, stalk me, and give me death threats since 2020. Cops don’t care.