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  • I don’t think so. This absolutely looks to me similar as the xz problem that’s hot right now. They set up a website that looks nicer and more polished than the original one, they link the original website at first, the little bitty disclaimer at the bottom is there just for the plausible deniability… Then, when enough people trust it (and Google’s algorithm maybe starts showing it first, who knows…) they can just change the links and suddenly there’s an attack.

    Maybe if the site had a big “fan site” text in the header where everyone can see it right away, I would be less suspicious.

  • In one Czech action novel there was a scene where the main character, a vampire running away from pirates who were enslaving vampires to make them the fighters when robbing the ships, needs to get away fast, so he stowaways on a ship that traffics humans. I can’t remember details but I think the sailors were treating the people extra bad and he got angry, fought and killed the sailors and took the captain prisoner.

    The trafficked people wanted to lynch him, but he tells them it would be revenge and it’s wrong

    He then proceeds to interrogate him, get info, money, maps, whatever from him, then he sentences him to death for his crimes and shoots him.

    Revenge - no. Justice - yes.

  • I’m pretty sure I once or twice tried sharpening my nail, but I never went too far.

    On the other hand (pun intended) I once got the end of my fing the pinched between the pneumatic cylinder and the thing it was actuating. There was a bit of a clearance so it didn’t flatten my digit, but it left a good amount of blood under my fingernail, which hurt a lot. A friend advised me to grab a small drill bit and put a hole into the nail so the pressure is relieved, but it didn’t want to go through… Until it bit in and I drove it maybe a millimeter into my flesh. That hurt even more… But after a while it got way better.

  • That reminds me of when some of my former colleagues and I were on a training about programming industrial camera system that judges the quality of produced parts. I’m not really a programmer, just a guy who can troubleshoot and google stuff and occasionally hack together a simple code with heavy help from Google too.

    The guy was a German (we are Czech and we communicated in English) programmer who coded the whole thing in Omron software but he also wrote his own plugin for it. All was well when he was showing us on the big screen, but when he sent us the program file so we could experiment on it (changing parameters, adding steps to the flow…) the app would crash. I finally delved into the app logs and with the help of Google I found it was because he compiled his plugin with debug flags and it worked for him because he had the VS debug DLLs installed but we didn’t.