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  • Woahh thanks a lot Dave! Very interesting thread, I’ll try on my V14 first maybe also X240 later.

    If you don’t have another windows machine then I think it’s a good idea to duel boot Windows initially. I’ve been running Linux as a daily driver the past couple of years but still occasionally do stuff in Windows. It’s pretty rare these days, though!

    Yup I was thinking to start familiarize myself with Linux as a daily driver. I still need Windows for some times, because of .xlsx files from work used a lot of formulas and VBA.

  • Common enough; but I wonder if this is a symptom of new generation not keeping up with attempts to reduce emissions. Less coal/gas power generation & less wood-fired heating combining with a cold snap.

    Yeah, I guess coal/gas power.still needed during the colder months.

    “We will work with lines companies to, as a last resort, switch off power to locations for a short period of time.”

    Asked if she could guarantee this wouldn’t happen during the colder months, Bramley said no.

    “No power system can absolutely guarantee supply but as we’ve seen today, when industry comes together we can make sure there is enough in the system.”