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  • rroatoAndroid@lemdro.idFairphone 5 Announced!
    9 months ago

    Kudos on Fairphone for offering 8 years of software updates.

    As an owner of FP4, my biggest gripes with the FP4 are the software updates. Bugs keep languishing for months before they are acknowledged and then months pass before the bugs are fixed. Three annoying issues with my FP4 that I deal with on a daily basis:

    • Screen dimming bug. First reported in Feb and the earliest possible fix is in October. My phone is useless when I’m out and about and the level of urgency implied by FP4 for this issue baffles me.
    • NFC stops working randomly
    • 5 GHz hotspot was broken for months and only fixed recently

    I don’t care much about Android 13 as long as I get timely security patches. What I want is a bug free experience and that’s something FP4 fails to deliver.

    An annoying hardware decision is the SIM card can’t be hot swapped. Not sure why this wasn’t addressed with FP5.

  • I’d be very interested to see some numbers here. I share the sentiment of the OP: there’s often talk about public transport being unprofitable but I haven’t come across any conversation about how much it costs to maintain our road infrastructure and how much of it is covered by taxes.

    Meanwhile, using a car to go between two cities in the Netherlands always works out cheaper than taking the train and the difference has gone up significantly in the last few years.