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  • Screenshots of random numbers suck ass. I am right there with you when it comes to digging into that stuff and it takes a ton of time.

    Lies propagate faster than truth because the real data can be complex and nuanced. It’s simply easier to look at a chart of made up numbers that “supports” a pre-existing bias. It makes people feel good. Learning things actually hurts some people. (I am preaching to the choir probably so sorry bout that.)

    It gets even worse on our various lemmygrad instances. Some of the major offenders post walls of copy-pasta text and urls to support a belief. The logic is usually extremely flawed and source links are usually crap as well. It doesn’t matter because many people don’t read into the wall-o-text and it can take hours to validate random news sites.

  • OpenAI had an idea of a type of voice they wanted

    Yep. It was a very specific voice they wanted.

    they hired a voice actor

    This made me think a little too, but then I started thinking about how people talk. Even if a person’s tone is similar, the mannerisms are still drastically different. The voice actor had to spoof Scarletts voice well enough to even fool Scarletts friends.

    While I haven’t read Altman’s tweets (or tweets from someone else at OpenAI?) personally, rumor has it he knew what he was doing with a specific voice actor. The intent was to spoof her voice. The intent is probably more damning than the actual act, TBH.

    To summarize, there are a few nuggets here: They approached SJh first with a specific reason to use her voice; Some asshat bragged about spoofing the voice on Twitter; There was clear intent of generating a likeness of SJh.

    (Thinking about the broke actors for a second… /s) Their face and voice are at the core of their career, similar to how company branding is makes a company unique. While I am not a lawyer, it seems there are some parallels with trademark and copyright law here.

    “Accidentally” using a voice that sounds like SJh would be a really poor argument now as well.