If I own a community that’s related to a piece of software, service, or other community and someone who actually contributes to that wants it, message me and it’s yours. I stake no claim in communities, I simply want to see them exist and thrive.

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  • i have a layman’s understanding of AT Proto, but it seems to compartmentalize between different parts of the service. Front ends, databases, and backends can be hosted separately and amalgamate into one, in the abstract.

    Practically, however, AT Proto allows account portability, wherein users can swap what instance they use as a frontend on a whim, even if their home instance is down. Usernames are domains instance of username@domain, that are verified by the DNS. But AT Proto seems a lot less flexible than ActivityPub. We’ll have to see when federation is live, but I’m not sure it really suits anything beyond (micro)blogging.

  • That’s fair.

    To me, it feels kinda cynical of the developers, like how a lot of GaaS trickle thins out just fast enough to not destroy their userbase. I prefer a little bit more reward as I play through, while obviously maintaining a slow enough pace that it feels like there’s reason enough to continue playing.

    Different strokes though.

  • Not really. There’s a ton of other survival games I’d rather play, and the game’s progression feels like it’s deliberately just fast enough to keep me from closing it. After 8 hours or so I closed and uninstalled because it feels engaging enough to play, but not enough to be anything but chores.

    The boss battles suck, the crafting has arbitrary timers to it. I just really don’t find it fun at all.

    I love monster collection games, and I enjoy survival, but this definitely isn’t for me.