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  • I told my primary doctor I am dysphoric about my gender and got an appointment with an endocrinologist for a consultation. A week later I got my blood drawn and we talked about my goals, then a little more than a week after that I got my pills. Way easier than I thought it would be! I expected I’d have to see a gatekeeper psychologist first but I guess my state isn’t as bad as I thought? ymmv on that front

  • It took getting hit by a car for me to finally get on HRT, and I waited a long fucking time (started my transition at 29!). I don’t know why! I think I was afraid that my dysphoria wasn’t “real” because it didn’t feel to me the way everyone else describes it and I was paralyzed by self-doubt, like I was a fake or… or maybe I was afraid of how hard it would be or… or something. Just this vague fear and uncertainty that paralyzed my decision for 9 fucking years. Looking back at those wasted years I just want to tell her “You don’t have to be afraid.”

    Good luck.

    I believe in you.


  • Suppose you had a word list of 1,000 five letter words. Each of your passphrases is 5 words long. That means you have 1,000^5 possible combinations of passwords, which is an entropy of ~49.8 bits. Even though each passphrase is going to be 29 characters long (5 five letter words plus 4 spaces in between), the password wasn’t generated character by character.

    That’s a lot of supposition.

    The reality is the password guesser has a string of 29 characters. All they know is ***************************** - they do not know they are guessing individual words separated by spaces, and even if they know these are words they do not know what word list is being used so they have every word that has ever existed as part of a possible list, they do not know the length of any of the individual words being used, and to top it all off they do not even know if the words have conventional spellings or are English words or anything!

    So actually, you have a string of 29 characters, and they might as well be random characters as far as a password guesser can guess.

    Although I will grant that pass phrases are unlikely to use unconventional characters !$#@;<> etc so you have a point there.

  • A password “8pmfvt3bww7t” could be remembered as “8 pandas might find vases that 3 bears will wash 7 times.

    You’re going to have to explain to me why the first password is more secure than the second pass phrase. The second has more characters and that’s the only thing someone trying to guess is going to possibly know. There’s nothing else to go off of, they don’t even know they’re trying to guess words in the first place. The longer string is always more secure afaik

  • I posted about it in this thread, although it’s a black bean and rice recipe instead of just beans! I’ve discovered that air frying beans gives them a better texture (beans are normally kinda mushy imo) and I’m basically doing that for everything I make now lol

    I think I’m going to try to make pure bean enchiladas this weekend though now that I think about it. Maybe with roasted corn…?