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    So I needed new bike rear rack and before I checked out I searched what can I add to have free shipping/postage.

    So as grown up, reasonable man I would like to announce that from today I am proud owner of unicycle.

    It will be some time before I get hang of it but my family with words of courage like “it will be fing awesome" or “buy it, it will be fun to have” or " everyone has to buy some stupid st sometimes” make me believe that I will learn it.

    Otherwise nothing new.

  • Remembered another one.

    Friend ask me and another friend, we cook on summer camp together, to cook lunch on his wedding.

    He wanted form us to cook meal A we tell him that we didn’t cook it so it will be shtshow, but we could cook meal B, C or D. This didn’t work so we cooked meal A and it was shtshow.

    It all started with “fully equipped professional kitchen” whitch wasn’t equipped at all (we were prepared for this). Than few other things go wrong. But the TIFU moment was soup - some miscommunication and bad decisions led to adding the noodles in it too early so you can imagine the porridge it become.

    I had a blast afterwards, and too much beer to forget this experience.

    My friend then said that it was exactly as he imagined it to be, because his now wife didn’t want another meal.