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    Then there are the rotting watermelons over in corner, expensive books that a professor in college required and then almost never used. And now they sit, unlovable because a new edition has come out with the problems at the back of the chapter rearranged.

  • This is so hard to answer because so many of these things you don’t miss it until it’s gone. I’m going to say physical keyboards. Like, not that physical keyboards will disappear entirely, but I think they will continue to get much, much less common. I think a lot of people will miss the tactile advantage of a good keyboard, though.

    One thing I think we’re in for a rebound on is how we deal with batteries. Currently, the paradigm for many devices is that manufacturers put a rechargeable battery in and that’s it. When the battery wears down or breaks, the device is done too. This can’t go on forever. It’s creating too much e-waste, expense, and pollution.

    I think the deal that customers are getting from streaming services is probably too good to last, in general. It’s already starting to degrade, with companies all going to start their own streaming platforms with smaller and smaller catalogs. You have to really plan for what you want to see. The rise of exclusive shows really damaged things. Vertical integration like that hurts competition.

  • The Palestinian Authority has no claim to any mandate from the Palestinian people.

    Same for Hamas. The last election was held so long ago that the majority of Palestinians were not born yet and the vast majority could not vote. There simply is no remaining democratic mandate.

    bi-religious or secular successor state

    There are currently more Muslims in the borders of Israel-Palestine, and I doubt they’re in a forgiving mood. I think there is a good chance that a unified state would turn into a Muslim state. I don’t think it’s unfounded to say that the current situation of a large Muslim population that is essentially disenfranchised is entirely to the liking of Israel’s leaders.

  • Wall Street Journal: Mueller Doesn’t Find Trump Campaign Conspired With Russia

    That was Bill Barr’s summary of the Mueller Report. The news article you posted was written with zero knowledge of the actual report. When the actual report was released later, the summary was criticized as trying to form a false narrative that intentionally omitted important pieces of the report. He was spinning it to provide cover for his boss, in effect. Much of this rested on Mueller not declaring Trump guilty of a crime, but as was described in the report, this was always considered to be outside of the scope of Mueller’s appointment.

  • Badly mauled is a weird way to say 15% larger than before the war started

    Larger in soldiers, not in weaponry. And that was achieved through conscription, which means pulling young people in a rapidly aging society away from some of the most productive years of their lives. And of course many of those young people will sadly return to civilian life injured or not at all.

    We’ll see where things go now that Republicans have stopped blocking aid to Ukraine. Having the main supplier of military aid blocked blocked by legislative constipation does tend to make the front lines harder for Ukraine, yes.