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  • What carrot? A carrot is an incentive. Google didn’t embrace the tablet format until very recently, in the grand scheme of things. They haven’t offered devs any special deals that I’m aware of — say a revenue split from the play store or paying them to deliver a tablet version of their app — so they didn’t incentivise devs to focus on Android tablets.

    iPads have dominated the market for so long, and remain a fairly predictable and consistent device to develop for, so… why would an app developer have poured time into an app for Android tablets in years past?

  • I hear you, but at the same time, there are so few apps I want to use on a tablet more than I’d prefer to use it on my phone – which is likewise always with me.

    Reading comics, watching video, editing photos, drawing, reading meal recipes on the kitchen bench… that’s about the extent of my tablet use. Browsing social media? I’d rather do it on my phone. Productivity, notes, gaming? Even that, I’d rather do on my phone – if not my Macbook, of course.

    So it’s been a pretty easy decision for me to stick with Android tablets, especially Samsung, which obviously ties in well with my S23U.