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  • Hi there, we talked on discord but thought I’d make a comment here too.

    Not from Asia/Aus region but due to my timezone and work I am available in the peak activity time for those regions.

    I think that I would be a good fit for the team as I have had months of experience working with the c/world and c/politics team. I like to encourage discussion on these very important topics by following the community rules and acting on reports made by users promptly and with my own bias acknowledged. I choose not to comment much in the discussion as I feel that a moderators’ presence should be seen through the discussion not heard in the discussion itself.

    I don’t think I would change anything as the community here is already fantastic and I just want to help out the existing team!

    Thank you for your efforts to make lemmy.world the best

  • 🌱 🐄🌱 @lemmy.worldMtoWorld News@lemmy.worldCommunity Feedback
    5 months ago

    While I did not ban you I may have removed some of the posts or comments in the past that were reported for rule violations.

    I apologize if the process for appealing is unclear or if any of your posts or comments were removed in error.

    Above all else I apologize if you were made to feel unwelcome here as it has been important for me the past 6 months moderating this community to try and develop a place for discussion from many sides on topics around the world.

    Before the most recent additions to the mod team we had a practice of using a 1 day temp ban, 3 day temp ban, 7 day temp ban, and then permanent ban for many rule violations. (the exception being clearly racist trolling type of users) I think it would be good to return to a standardized structure as well as removing the MBFC requirements as the best way to fight misinformation is to prove its bias in comments rather than being the arbiters of good journalism.

  • There are members of the mod team from the U.S, U.K, and E.U

    I am a Catholic Woman from Southern Europe and have always thought of this community as one where we can come together to learn and discuss current events. I try not to engage much in comments as to me the role of moderator should be one that facilitates the user’s discussions above all else.

  • I removed the comment for publically posting direct messages of a moderator which is in violation of rule 6 but as things are now changing I did not realize that rule was changing. So I am very sorry for deleting your comment we had been told many months ago that appealing a comment or post that was removed is for the meta communities like lemmy.world/c/moderators or lemmy.world/c/support however many times a user will send me a message to talk about it and i have often gone back and restored.

    Going forward I won’t be deleting comments regarding moderators and hope that we can have a great community to discuss current events