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not called Brad but rather a lad, from Bradford in the UK.

Enjoys breaking apps, escooters, spam rings and sometimes bones, but not my own. That sucks.

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  • A contactless card in the back of your phone case?

    Note - The above answer doesn’t take in where you’re from since you didn’t state so and I imagine there’s plenty of places that can’t simply do that but…even though I could?

    I personally won’t bring my C&P / contactless card out of the house unless necessary since it allows would-be finders instant access to withdrawals from my bank account, without any authentication required whatsoever unlike, GPay on my phone which at the very least needs my fingerprint?

    It also pisses me off to be honest that my bank won’t supply me with a C&P, non-contactless card like my last bank did :/

  • No doubt, and there used to be an app called “all for one IR remote” or something like that that I can’t find from a cursory skim.

    It allowed programming of codes from your existing remotes and also the bonus of using a URI for a IR code which then meant you could fire them off with other apps.

    Problem these days is the hardware that supports IR Blasters is controlled by the likes of Xiaomi, and the apps available to use said hardware is limited to in-built system apps :/