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  • The use case they mention (generating alt text for images in PDFs) is something that couldn’t work otherwise and, even if it isn’t perfect, can be a big help to people with visual impairments, while at the same time doesn’t get in the way of the users that don’t need it.

    If they keep focusing on these kinds of features instead of going fully Clippy like Google and Microsoft are doing, I think it’s fine.

  • When we talk about human rights we usually talk about the “what”, and talking about just the “what” leads to misconceptions like that. So the question is why we have human rights. And the formulation human right treaties take is some form of “Human dignity is inviolable”, which means that all human lives are worth the same, and that value can’t be diminished in any way. Human rights are then listed in order to protect that ideal.

    When you consider this, it becomes obvious that owning humans can’t be a form of the right to private property because it relies on some humans being above others.

    That’s also the reason why free speech doesn’t include things like slander or ordering someone killed.