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  • On the traditionalist side: vandy was a founding member, plus I’m sure they bring up the average gpa of sec football at least a little. If we keep them in then that means we automatically play them every year.

    On the modernist side: vandy isn’t competitive and isn’t really close to being competitive in the foreseeable future. We could easily have them as a protected ooc matchup to appease anyone who wants that.

    The OU thing I honestly don’t have too strong of a feeling for. If we have a sooner lurker I’d love to hear from them. Josh’s reasoning was that adding OU kept it from being a Texas conference. Which, you already have Arky. But if that’s not enough I would maybe even suggest adding the AZ teams. I think that might be a bit much geographically, but it may make more sense culturally? idk

    I could also recommend throwing the service acadamies into the ivy league, which we could also lump NW and vandy into. I feel like the service academies and the more academically inclined universities have the same “grindset” and this could help bring the ivies back into relevance in the sport. Since if we’re keeping Rutgers in the power conferences, we should keep Princeton and Yale in the big leagues. No way in hell they would ever vote for that though.