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  • Lemmy doesn’t seem to get much recognition in the wider Fediverse - it tends to get bundled as part of ‘other apps’. Mastodon is much bigger, so better integration with Lemmy probably gets deprioritised below their own issues and feature requests (e.g. I was reading today that Markdown support is often requested, but the base version still doesn’t have it)

  • It’s partly an issue of keys. Every fediverse actor has a private key and a public key. When my instance sends this to fediverse@lemmy.world, it’s signed by my private key, and lemmy.world uses my public key to verify it. When fediverse@lemmy.world sends this comment out, it uses it’s own private key to sign it. It can’t just re-transmit my comment, because it doesn’t have my private key. All it can do is Announce that I’ve made the comment (and sign the Announce).

    Mastodon treats Announces as Boosts, so every post/comment is interpreted as a thing that fediverse@lemmy.world has boosted, so you get all these un-connected posts appearing. I think it’s mostly up to Mastodon to remedy.

    It works better if a Mastodon actor posts into a Lemmy community, then you get the mix like you imagine. e.g.: https://mastodon.world/@Flash/112095241193510662 (this particular post was crowbarred into Lemmy via !tails@lemmon.website, but it would be the same if the author had done it.)

  • One of the reasons it’s inconsistent is that Lemmy tries to balance the media it serves locally vs. the media it lets remote hosts serve. Also it’s a bit naïve about image conversion. So if you link to an actual GIF at giphy.com (for example), it works consistently across the most the most platforms if Lemmy leaves it alone. If it doesn’t, it’ll bring it in and convert it to a WebM file, which not all clients know what to do with. Even if they do though, looping isn’t always on by default for video, so the effect of a GIF that relies on looping might be nullified.

    It’s probably best to focus on the clients with the biggest user-base, rather than try to target them all. For lemmy.world/c/gifs, the most popular posts have been uploaded to imgur.com - which convert most GIFs to MP4s - and the post’s author has linked to the inline version at i.imgur.com.

  • No settings page (as far as I’m aware), but you can use the API to get everything (posts, comments, etc):

    step 1: get login token -

    curl --request POST \
         --url https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/user/login \
         --header 'accept: application/json' \
         --header 'content-type: application/json' \
         --data '
      "username_or_email": "2br02b",
      "password": "YOUR-PASSWORD"

    step 2: use login token (big long string starting with ‘ey’) to get data -

    curl --request GET \
         --url 'https://lemmy.ml/api/v3/user?username=2br02b&page=1' \
         --header 'accept: application/json' \
         --header 'authorization: Bearer YOUR-JWT'

    Increment page number until you have everything. source: https://lemmy.readme.io/reference/get_user