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  • I noticed the jump from 14% too, lol. Good catch.

    I tried so hard to like The Acolyte, even after all the review hate centered around misogyny and race, but the show was so bad, I got swallowed up by the Dark Side. I think the thing that pushed me over the edge was the episode with the witch force cult writhing and chanting, it was literally the definition of cringe, it stayed with me so long I legitimately couldn’t enjoy a singe scene after that, but forced myself to watch to the end of the season.

    In terms of Star Wars shows, the quality of Andor stands alone.

    Edit: Also, the thing that really bugged me all the way through was the fact I thought it was canon that the Sith were an established ancient anti Jedi Dark Side Force order, but they had “died out a millennia ago”. Why did all the Jedi in The Acolyte act like they’ve never heard of Sith before.