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  • dittytoLemmy Shitpost@lemmy.worldAllegedly*
    05 days ago

    User Num10ck actually said they don’t believe that OJ’s son did it, they’re just articulating another prevalent theory. If this were a debate I’d agree with you, but this is actually just casual speculation about an event from 20 years ago.

  • It’s an outdated system of teaching and learning and assessment for sure. Realistically with the Internet we really don’t need to memorize much at all anymore. Teachers need to adapt their curriculum to focus more on teaching skills like critical thinking, note-taking and organizational strategies, writing, discussion/communication, etc; using their content area as a vehicle for teaching those skills. Teach students the merits and pitfalls of online media and LLMs, and media literacy as a whole. Hell, we should be teaching students how to use real computers and keyboarding too. But sadly teachers don’t have much say in this anymore now that they are instead required to teach a set curriculum in a prescribed way that is meant to teach towards standardized tests.

  • dittytolinuxmemes@lemmy.worldme🦊irl
    06 days ago

    I use Linux because when I encounter an issue there are numerous helpful forum posts and KB articles that cover it, even for really uncommon glitches. Whereas on Windows for even slightly obtuse errors, you just get the same base-level troubleshooting suggestions and AI listicles. Windows obscures actual useful information from end users which makes troubleshooting issues harder.