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  • I once submitted an issue to a devs GitHub. The apps login page would not load without large bg pictures loading first. I asked if he could add an option to disable it in the settings, as my self hosted site was slow.

    I essentially got back, “why would I do that? It’s not an issue for me! Besides the login page should load before the background picture” issue closed


    It’s like you’re SO CLOSE to seeing the issue.

  • You’re not understanding what I’m saying. This is them testing the waters. All companies that are publicly traded will continue to do whatever they can to make a profit. Consumer be damned. I don’t buy AAA games, but it doesn’t change the fact that changes like this will propagate across the gaming industry and make it worse as a whole. The issue here is them trying to turn a profit for shareholders no matter what. So many of these companies are prioritizing making a profit why they happen to release games and not vice versa. That is a result of the last stage unregulated capitalism we have in America and those same tendencies that they’ve propagated to the global economy.

    Don’t be so naive to say “just don’t buy it bro.” I won’t. It doesn’t really affect me that much RIGHT NOW. But it might, the more they’re legally allowed to and the more they get away with the more everyone will do it. It happened with DLC’s, then releasing unfinished games, in game purchase in games you have to buy, etc. God forbid I don’t want the entirety of AAA gaming to be a pile of shit. It’s time for lawmakers to step in in this industry and most others and put limits on what type of things companies can do to make a profit. And this goddamn law that companies must do everything they can to turn a profit for their shareholders must be done away with.