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  • This isn’t why I created several communities that didn’t exist. I created them because I wanted to post something into a community that didn’t exist. Any new user who wanted to do the same would look for such a community in order to post it. Or in the case of readers, they would look for the equivalent subreddits they’re used to frequent on Lemmy. Assigning malice is strange. Of there are any problems with a community mod, I assume the admins can assign new ones and/or remove mods.

  • The position of support for creating a famine (or not giving a shit to stop it) seems to have wider support than just Bibi. This guy’s move puts in focus that creating a famine is a war crime, and he’s forcing the Israelis players to face that and state their support or lack thereof clearly. Getting rid of Bibi alone might not increase the aid in Gaza. If the other party leaders aren’t willing to throw Bibi and Gallant under the bus for this and/or shift gears on aid, then perhaps the Israeli political class is too far gone and the world should increase the pressure till someone gets it and starts telling the Israeli public that what’s happening is wrong and is extremely counterproductive for Israel as whole.

    Also, some polling shows Bibi’s coalition being neck and neck with the alternative so the narrative that Bibi is certain to be ejected by Israel’s democracy isn’t so solid.

  • Despite Sundar’s leadership, do you think that extending update support to 7 years took no innovation? The Android team has been doing major system reworks to make this practical. The Tensor team has been working to do the same on the hardware side. Samsung is likely reusing firmware and software from that work given that the hardware is shares a lot of Samsung IPs. Prior to these developments Samsung was not interested in providing anywhere close to this length of support.

    Android is in the best place it’s ever been since its release. It’s on more things than ever and we have the kind of update support we used to only dream about in 2008. And we have devices with unlockable and rekockable bootloaders. 🤯

  • In order to avoid having to remove the rear wheel often, I’d buy a rear tire with really good puncture protection. I had an episode when I had to remove my rear hub several times in a month because I used Panaracer GravelKing which turned out to have really weak protection. I switched to a version with protection and I haven’t had to remove my hub due to punctures. Having to torque the nuts to 50Nm isn’t fun.

    Not familiar with the bike but what could it be - square taper, ISIS? Not sure if ISIS is that old. If it’s square taper, there’s plenty of options. The lower end Shimano cranks (Alivio, Acera) used to use square taper. They probably still do.

    Looked at a pic of Biopace, looks like square taper.