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  • Backpacking in a conservation area in Colorado, which means fewer people but also fewer rangers than a national park. Passed a guy and he was a little off but whatever and I kept moving, maybe he’d just been on trail for a while or simply didn’t want to interact.

    Then I pause for food and he passes me, whistling and seeming to put a lot of effort into not making eye contact. Then he stops and I pass him again. Then he passes me, then before too long he stops so I pass him again. Over and over, I ended up passing him at least six times despite keeping a steady pace. Every time, he is whistling and not looking at me.

    When I’m done for the day, I set up and started prepping to sleep. I heard him whistling in the distance. I packed up and walked as fast as I could with minimal light until I finally stopped around 3am. Setup camp with no light. Didn’t sleep a wink listening for anything that sounded like a whistle. I didn’t see him the next day.

    So my take on the man or bear thing: bears won’t track a human through the woods for miles and miles.

    I’ve also been attacked by a random dude on a bus that probably had some mental health and/or drug issues. That was scary, but the hours + stalking + mental and physical fatigue of the backpacking stalker was far more draining.

  • Best case? The collapse sets society back far enough that technology backtracks too.

    Imagine a local dictator but with 2020’s technology and reach; one stupid, little tyrant could wipe out most of life on earth. If weapons, communications, and transportation also backtrack, any individual dictator’s influence will be limited by reach.

    Competing small communities and competing small tyrants give the potential opportunity for escaping elsewhere that isn’t “as bad”.

    Or if looking at it from POV other than human supremacy, humans all die out and another species can take a crack at it in a few hundred million years.

  • I laid out my entire office with that in mind so it is very easy to pull the treadmill straight in and out. No maneuvering it around corners, no three-point turns.

    And I can’t do heavy typing while walking. I usually walk on the treadmill during meetings I am a more passive participant in. I can type a few notes, but otherwise I’m listening and walking.

  • Yeah, that was my assumption. Poor people are more likely to smoke, black people are more likely to be stuck in a cycle of poverty, therefore…?

    I don’t disagree with those two sentences, but then making the jump to personal health and personal dating preferences is quite the leap.

    I think someone got butthurt that they didn’t have a shot with a random lady on the internet they would never meet, got defensive, and the too-much-time-online types ran with it.

  • I got a standing desk. My hips and back were getting wrecked by sitting 8+ hours a day.

    I am able to have a good-sized office, so the desk, a ~$120 walking treadmill I can pull out and put away quickly, some Resistance bands, and a couple other doodads keep me mobile throughout the day. Weekends usually include at least one physical activity like a hike or a social sports league game. Then at the gym 2-3 times per week.

    I have been looking for yoga or similar for flexibility and mobility but the places I’m finding close to my house are super crunchy. I’m interested in the physical fitness, not the religious.

  • VanthtoAsklemmy@lemmy.mlWhat do you wear for work?
    3 days ago

    Slacks, button up top, blazer or sweater if it’s cold, comfy shoes I can walk around in or easily switch to steel toes as needed. I’m a cube-dweller in an engineering and production facility.

    Jeans and flannel or Hawaiian or sports team on Friday if I’m in the office. Usually I’m working from home on Mondays and Fridays, which means loose, comfy workout clothes.

  • Most are retired or have young kids. I am mid-career with no kids.

    There are a lot of 1st - 3rd generation Indian and Pakistani Americans in the neighborhood. They are good at cricket and I am not, though that doesn’t stop me from joining in the occasional pickup game.

    I go running in boring sweats and tees. I haven’t invested in “athleisure” leggings and whatnot; I don’t think I standout as a particularly fit or fashionable person. Neighbors frequently comment on how much exercising I seem to do. Which once they pointed it out, I don’t ever notice any of my neighbors exercising outdoors like I do. Unsure if they exercise indoors, at some gym somewhere, or just don’t at all.