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  • I also dropped out very early. Struggled with that disappointment for a long time. Moved in with my SO’s parents and lived with them for years!

    We moved out and got a rental when I was 25. I’m 29 now and working on my career in banking. Started exercising the last couple years and have been keeping up with it consistently. I feel like it was only in the last few years that I felt I was making progress but really needed some optimism to keep going. You just never know what’s going to change your life around. Try to improve yourself in any way you can and sometimes that can help you change your trajectory

  • Absolutely! It doesn’t matter how small you start.

    I work a desk job and told myself I needed to exercise otherwise I would continue having back/health problems. I started with a 1-2 minute workout every day just so I could get in the habit. And if I didn’t feel like doing even that, I would at least do a few push ups or squats. Once I got used to taking that time every day I saw myself taking 5 minutes. Then 10, 20, 30… Now I commit to a 75-90 minute workout about 5 times a week. And I never thought it would get to that point but I started to enjoy it and look forward to that time every day!