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  • Agreed. I saw an interview with him where he explained that he appreciated Dredd Day (many years ago) where fans got the film to the number 1 spot on Amazon’s chart in order to promote interest in a sequel.

    But as he further explained, all of the investors lost money on the original film, so getting anyone to invest in a sequel was an impossibility.

  • Despite having no knowledge of the source material, I loved Arcane season 1, so really looking forward to Season 2. I think I read there’s another Batman Ninja coming. The first one is beautiful and, excuse the pun, bat shit crazy! As a Terminator fan, really interested in the upcoming Netflix animated show. What else?? Sony and Netflix have a new Ghostbusters animated show in development, but I think that’s quite a way off yet. I see posts below of the animated Watchmen adaptation. I’m interested to see this, although I find DC usual straight to DVD content quite cheap looking. I love the live action Watchmen director’s cut (the one without the animated Black Sails segments) and I wonder if they’re sticking to the original squid ending?