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  • Not closely per se, but bits and bobs. Horns was awesome, as was Guns Akimbo, and Swiss Army Man was a good laugh. Good Omens as a show I don’t really like overall (they basically abandoned the idea pitched in season 1 and changed things every season) but the scene with him in the Western season dancing to She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountain while wearing assless chaps, and the general character in the Mad Max season, both live rent free in my head. Also the Weird Al documentary perfectly presented Al’s on again, off again relationship with Madonna.

    I would love to see him in a musical, but I don’t really go to those. Maybe not the one where he had to get his cock out on stage, but I love that he did that. Still need to see Book of Mormon (Radcliffe had nothing to do with that).

    I would lose my shit if he and Elijah Wood did something together.