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    6 days ago

    The most common place to find .1" is on micrometers. And that’s just fine until you need to switch it back to imperial or metric for the next processing…which the rest of your tooling is in.

    .1" is roughly 2.54mm

    .1", fractionally is ~7/64

    7/64 is roughly 2.77mm

    See how this is recipe for disaster?

  • This is due to activist investors.

    That’s people who’ll buy up enough stock to be allowed at shareholders meetings and then they’ll fucking DRILL the C-suite non-stop, derailing the meetings.

    It’s a good strategy, even if it forces you in bed with evil. Make the rest of the shareholders undeniably knowledgeable and then theyll have to contend with shame or don the moniker themselves. Or start demanding ethical business practices themselves, which is what the lawsuit is ultimately trying to avoid.

  • SoylentBlake@lemm.eetoMemes@lemmy.ml4 sosp'cks to 1 kitt
    8 days ago

    You do you boo but Metrics fucking awesome. It’s simple, conversions are super easy, etc. it’s just basic numbers. You can thoughtlessly multiply or divide (assuming you could thoughtlessly do that before).

    You want a real shite headache? Try translating tenths of inches. I’d just burn the blueprints and tell them to try again.

  • I mean, yes and no. Pearl harbor wasn’t the only place hit 12/7. Philipines, Guam and Wake were all hit as well

    Hong Kong and Singapore were also attacked and the empire invaded Malaysia.

    America took a sharp hit square in the face, but Britain got sent home in a body bag at the end of 1941. By Feb 1942 the UK had lost all of Malaysia, lost Hong Kong and lost Singapore. They lost 12,000 troops, the rest surrendering. Zero soldiers made it home. Out of 120,000. Australia and New Zealand were in extreme danger and the Raj was expecting assault at any moment. I’m the spam of a few months Japan had sunsetted the largest empire the world had ever seen.

    America had never been pit against such an enemy. You have to take all of WW2 into that context. Fuck in WW1 they played soccer across no-man’s-land on Christmas. The next year the Canadians had arrived and…well…I’m not saying shit about canuckistani military just that over half of the geneva convention exists because of Canada.

  • Lindsey Graham will say whatever his sponsors want him to say. He shares like 2 of his opinions a year, and you can tell which ones they are because a week after saying it he’s already backtracking acting like he never said otherwise. He’ll dance any dance to suppress video of him and his prostitutes dick in his mouth. It’s a corner he’s painted himself in by courting the homegrown hate vote.

    My gut tells me that he’s a decent guy and I bet he’s quite capable at the state level, but he’s been in over his head in DC ever since he got there.

  • Thus no time to object to the looting of whatever America has left. Trump would give up Hawai’i to the highest bidder - as long as that bidder wasn’t native Hawaiians. He gave up our spies to Putin and I got 2billion reasons to think Kushner sold Bonesaws how to make the bomb. He’s selling law repeal, they’ll be nothing left by 2028. Once the world realizes the looting is over they’ll come collecting for the debt owed, and as the dollar collapses completely, this defunding our military (hard to have soldiers if soldiers can’t buy food), that means America will go under the knife and lose sovereign territory. Like, the Chinese West Coast, Saudi Texas, Saudis¹q%qiana and Saudoklahoma

  • My older liberal banker brother asked me, small business owning tradesman, why I don’t just go start some small community in Montana and live without the dollar, yada yada.

    I laughed, he said he’s serious, I said “yea, the bankers that own the feds are serious too, and they use that to control what kind of society we decide for ourselves. We don’t have the freedom to choose. We have the freedom to choose but only from these two choices. We won’t even allow Cuba to do that shit, still today, 60years under embargo. And they’re their own country! The bankers would erase me in a heartbeat”.