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  • Wood cutting boards are two to five times the price of bamboo. Also bamboo is naturally anti-microbial.

    Most houses already have dull knives, heck most people throw their knives in the dishwasher. There is no way to keep your knives sharp perpetually, resharpening will always be needed eventually.

    I’d rather people focused on size and weight over material. A bigger board is more useful, and safer as you have room to place your hands and your food. A heavier board is safer as it won’t slide as easily.

    If you like how the board looks you are more likely to keep it out, use it and clean it.

    Buy the biggest, heaviest, prettiest board you can afford.

  • When people try to drown someone with create water they aren’t talking about creating water then drowning the person the old fashioned way, it’s “I cast create water in the lungs of that guy!”

    Other popular “ideas” include - -Casting light on someone’s eyes so they go blind -Trying to target eardrums with shatter -Conflating charm person with dominate person -Attacking with mage hand -prestidigitation solves every problem and has no limits

    It’s not that there is an arbitrary “number too low” problem, it’s that these spells explicitly state what they can do. Players sometimes feel “creativity” means they perform actions the spell doesn’t allow, and moreover are actually achieved by much more powerful spells.

  • Exactly how have I abused you? You keep claiming that, but all I’ve done is talk and notice that you have some views that aren’t very healthy or stand up to scrutiny.

    a third of the U.S.

    You believe that 1 in 3 people would support a racial genocide? Do you have any support for that?

    Following that up you claim that everyone wants to kill you. Doesn’t that seem a little paranoid to you?

    No one here is attacking you or threatening your life. No one. People aren’t insulting you, even though you are insulting everyone. Your world view is being questioned because it doesn’t seem healthy or rational. People aren’t saying “I think you are wrong” because they hate you and want you to “submit” but because you appear to be very unwell.

    I know that my life improved when I changed my outlook, and I think you are clinging to unhealthy views because it makes it easier than trying to better yourself.