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  • So, sometimes I just go down the rabbit hole because I’m just inquisitive by nature. Went to the wiki of Bigfin Reef Squids.

    In addition to the above, males will often engage in “sneaking” behaviour. In this scenario, a smaller male will attach spermatophores to the female’s mouth area while she is being courted by a larger male using the “male-upturned” behaviour. Even when successful, the male using this strategy is usually chased away by the larger male afterwards.[40]

    So basically as the big guy is courting, the little guy comes along and gets head.

    Males have been observed to exhibit mating behaviours with other males. Some males have been found with numerous spermatophores embedded in their mouth funnels.[22][28] Since bigfin reef squids distinguish sex by visual cues, this may be a form of deception. The smaller males (termed “female mimics” or “sneaker males”) might have assumed body patterning typical of females in order to trick larger males. Believing they are females, they will then waste their spermatophores on them.[41] This behaviour has also been observed in other cephalopods

    So cross dressing and gay. Kinky.

    Anyway, good photo.