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  • Apparently one bad performance, a performance that has little to do with the actual job, is enough to get him fired? Yes, yes, I know, he’s stumbled, he’s not perfect, but is anyone? I find the whole response to be sus as hell, and more than a bit racist. One debate and their willing to dump him? This sounds more like a paid attack on Biden fronted by sell out Democrats than a real response. And the rather noticeable lack of suggesting the VP, a black woman, takes over sounds more than a little bit racist. Why not bring Harris up? Give her a bigger more visible role in the administration and the campaign? Show whether or not she’s up for the job? Essential let the American people test drive her as a president.

  • Cost isn’t the only factor to adding a cooling loop, there’s a good chance that they’d have to make room in the pack for the cooling system, which means either a bigger pack or a less powerful pack. As to cost, have to engineer the radiating, plumbing, plumbing mounting, computer controls for the cooling system, and of course the radiator needs good airflow which might require a redesign of the front end, and the charger port is there, so that might need moving which requires more engineering. It snowballs easily.

    I actually agree, we leased our Leaf because we wanted an inexpensive electric car, and this was at the height of the Bolt battery mess, so that really only left the Leaf, but we weren’t dumb enough to buy it, use it during it’s best years, then give it back and let it be someone else’s problem.