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  • He has a record of winning primaries, which every other candidate has not.

    He also has a 100% win rate when running against Trump.

    Also, presidents don’t usually make their own decisions, they have a team of experts for their decisions. No matter if you’re 80+ he’s demonstrated he can listen and make appropriate decisions.

    Also, all the talk about picking a new candidate can be summed up with “of course we should replace Biden with the universally accepted replacement list of 11+ candidates

    So we can’t really come to an agreement of who else it should be, and it seems like Biden has all that is needed. It ain’t broke, it’s just old. And if my 2003 Honda accord is anything to go by, some old things work just fine.

  • Guns have recoil. An equal and opposite reaction to the light bullet going forward really fast is that the heavy gun goes backwards.

    The 45-70 round was originally made for rifles, it would take a standing person’s entire weight and strength to fight against the force of the bullet going forward.

    If you take that same bullet but remove the weight of the rifle, and put it into a little handgun, you will be blown back from the force of the bullet.

    Follow my onlyfans for more gun info.

  • I gotta come to BG3’s defense I’m not sure where you’re trying to jump to. At least in my head I see that as “out-of-the-map fluff” meant to be present instead of a boring black void.


    Also the boss you’re fighting can only take damage while the lava is out I believe. There’s definitely moments like that in D&D

  • It was fun for me to switch. I had the same mentality as you had, I could’ve waited until windows 10 support ended to switch to Linux, but I decided to switch a few years ago and now I have years of experience.

    You’ll definitely need to get used to hunting down that one single package you need to get the programs you want working. I find it nice to dedicate an evening to getting something working, and that’s fun for me. For example, I took an evening to get thumbnails working in “file Explorer” (it requires ffmpeg btw). You can be lazy with Arch, but it will take time to get it perfect. The problem with arch is you can make it to your standards. If you have low standards, you can get away with a lot.