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  • As an IT sys-admin, you’re largely correct. We are losing the essence more and more of proper sys-admin work.

    IT staff are becoming more ecosystem maintainers than actual integrators and solutions experts. Instead of doing deep research on the problem and architecting actual solutions, many sys-admins just send off a quote request to a single external vendor and then call it good.

    The research, quoting, planning, implementation, configuration, testing, monitoring, and maintenance are all outsourced. The sys-admins are just left with a simple web dashboard or desktop app that they often don’t even understand well, and a support line for when things need to get fixed/upgraded.

    It’s a glorified help desk position in many cases. I’ve worked with several 10-15+ year admins that don’t even know how to spec out a server, how to architect a basic network topology, how to optimize a SAN or NAS solution, etc.

    They go with the default without a second thought. Email = O365 Office apps = MS Office suite Virtualization = VMware/Azure/HyperV Servers = HP/Dell

    And because they are used to it, it propagates onward. If you want to break out of that, you have to be intentional every step of the way.

  • Piracy is a great example of a topic where legality and morality aren’t the same.

    Those kinds of topics are incredibly valuable teaching moments for children.

    I would teach them when they are mature enough. Help them understand why some people think it is wrong, when/why you think it is acceptable, and how to do it safely.

    You can teach them the difference between actual theft and copying. Explain how piracy has benefited humanity as a whole, explain why knowledge and cultural experiences shouldn’t be gate kept by mega-corps from underprivileged people.

    There are so many valuable lessons that you as parents could pass on to your kids through the topic of piracy.

    And as every major platform enshitifies and information of all kinds gets locked behind more paywalls, piracy will become a more and more important skill to have.

  • Timeshift will save you soooooo much pain. Set it up to auto backup a daily image. You can also manually create as many snapshots as you want.

    Timeshift has turned system-destroying mistakes I’ve made into mere 5-10 minute inconveniences. You can use it in the command line, so even if you blow up your whole desktop environment/window manager, you can still restore back to a known gold state.

    I create a snapshot before any major updates or customizations.

  • You’re being cringe, mate. The majority of people that use a computer could switch to Linux tomorrow and be totally fine.

    I switched my parents to Linux months ago and they haven’t noticed the difference. And my parents know as much about computers as I know about quantum physics, just a hair more than jack shit.

    So funny how people like you claim to support FOSS but then constantly dump on Linux and FOSS software. You spread FUD about FOSS, you talk about how it’s only good for nerds and “cult members.”

    No, you’re not a realist or pragmatist or whatever you might think of yourself. You’re a corpo simp who won’t support FOSS unless it’s perfect in possible every way. Go take a toss and seethe.