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  • And your condescending “know-it-all” attitude that you’ve demonstrated is typical of the junior/entry level engineer who thinks he’s more than he is. You’ve told me all I need to know about your business and life experience.

    1. An engineer without a salesperson is useless as someone like yourself would never be able to have funding nor support to provide a need to anyone.

    2. Very obviously marketing and sales look for needs that are not being met and attempt to let a potential customer know that they have a product that could meet said need.

    Fucking toolbag. You have no clue hiw the world really works and your inflated sense of self worth is especially galling. If you’d just not try to belittle an entire sphere of work other than your this entire conversation never would have happened. As it is you can’t imagine someone else actually has just as much to do with getting needs met other than engineering.

  • Hey genius you remember the part where you said salespeople don’t help fill a need and I pointed out engineers on their own also don’t fill a need? That’s the part where you said they aren’t important and engineers are important. Then you carried on to try to characterize someone you have no knowledge on as an “aspiring mid-level manager”. Go get fucked you goddamn nerd.

  • No shitstain- I’m a pilot and don’t have anything to do with either engineering or marketing. I also run my own company. I’m also extremely welltraveled, educated, and experienced. Which is why I know that very obviously an engineer on his own is worthless. Any company without marketing is worthless.any company with only marketing and no product is worthless. Grow the fuck up.