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  • This is a real pity as Marvel needs to expand the horror side if their offering to keep their output fresh. We’ve already got Man-Thing, Elsa Bloodstone and Werewolf by Night, throw in Blade, Ghost Rider (one of the younger ones with Cage returning to pass the torch) and you have your Midnight Sons ready to roll. You can bounce that into Marvel Zombies (as they did with Marvel Zombies 4). As Marvel Zombies 3 includes Machine Man and leads into 4, we are almost there for Nextwave. Create a separate bit if the MCU for it, as they did for GotG so someone can noodle away on it without too much studio interference.

  • Lockdowns help highlight a lot of “just because it’s what you do, not because it’s actually good” things for people.

    Lockdown hit entertainment venues across the board as people found it cheaper and more convenient to just stay at home. The manager of my local pub says a chunk of his clientele just never returned. The cost-of-living crisis has just made it worse as prices soar.

    Theatres are generally awful.

    I have excellent options where I am - a community-run cinema a few minutes away and a multiplex 15 minutes away (that has reclining seats, good air cin, plenty of space, etc and I have a monthly pass which hammers the price down - I usually cover the cost in a week).

  • Having it spread over 7 communities kills activity rather than keeping 1 community alive.

    Having three dad communities on lemmy.world is weird and needs sorting out but one of the advantages of subject-specific instances is that they can give a different spin to a topic.

    On English-speaking social media, it all tends to become very US-centric - the UK (and, presumably, Canadian, and, hypothetically, an Australian one) allows for people to have more local discussion as the logistics (schools, benefits, the legal system, etc) can be very different.

    By the same token, I wouldn’t want all the other dad communities merged into the feddit.uk one (which is the most active, despite the Mod being AWOL, which is easily fixed) as it isn’t just a general dad’s discussion, although all dad’s are welcome, of course.