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  • Of course. But in this economy, if you’re privileged enough to be able to go to school, it’s best if you major in a field that is in demand and has a decent entry level salary. The people who got enough support to go to school but chose a profession that doesn’t pay anything, have no sympathy from me.

  • CaptnNMorgantomemes@lemmy.worldIt can!
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    You may be right, it’s been a couple years since I’ve played and as I write my explanation for why I didn’t think it would work I keep thinking of reasons its not true. I totally forgot Mr.House was the owner of robco

  • So “sacrifice child” is a common term used in what language? I don’t believe in religion but I also don’t know a whole lot about computer science. So I would believe you if you said it meant something.

    But seeing the words “sacrifice child” would rightfully startle anybody. It’s nothing to do with cherry picking or satanic panic. It’s everything to do with those two very specific words being right next to each other. Nothing else.