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  • Dude… you came out of the gate trying to shame OP and being hostile towards everyone else.

    I’m marking your reports and the reports against you as resolved for now… But I’m letting you know, the rules page may not specifically say “don’t be uncivil” but we generally don’t tolerate hostility. c/196 is supposed to be a safe place first and foremost, and a place for good vibes secondmost… And I’m sorry, but your replies go against both of those things regardless of if you have a condition that makes it difficult. If the hostility continues, we may decide to remove your replies, and depending on the severity we may issue temporary bans.

    If you ever need help expressing something you feel is difficult to say respectfully, my inbox is always open and I’m always willing to help. Believe me I’ve read things here that make my blood boil too, but there’s always a way to fire back and still be civil.

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    It’s worse than that. One of my conservative friends (I know, but it’s practically the only variety of people around here) told me he could always tell whether or not someone was trans… I showed him a picture of Molly Ringwald in Breakfast Club and he said “trans” lol.

    But of course he felt like it didn’t count, because I “tricked” him. 🙄