Howdy y’all! Another week, another update post. This is the third update post, so comment below with your progress, challenges, and next steps. See you all next week, and then a few days after that for the final post for the month. Then we’ll have a week for finishing touches and documenting out projects before the showcase.

  • gyrfalcon@beehaw.orgOP
    8 months ago

    I retried my recipe as a dry caramel and got improved results! I got a good color, as you can see in this picture. I think I got a little impatient and turned the heat up too high, because it was a bit burnt, although that might also have been because I forgot to prep my pan to pour into until it was almost done. The fats also went in later and were much better incorporated. I’m hoping to get one more attempt before the end of the month and have something I will feel good about making for the holidays.